Samsung Galaxy LED View Flip Wallet Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 - Silver

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Sleek and beautiful, the Samsung LED View Flip Wallet Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 features a dot matrix design on its cover. The LED displays information without flipping open the cover, including time, calls, messages, battery status, etc. This case is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S7 that does not disrupt any use of the functions like power and volume buttons, headphones, charging ports and cameras. 

The cover replaces the back of the phone without added bulk. It features a special edge coating that provides a premium finish that keeps the phone from scratches, scrapes, and front-on impacts. Made from high-quality synthetic leather materials, the flip cover can withstand day-to-day use. 

Samsung LED View Flip Wallet Cover Features:

  • Sleek Dot Matrix Retro Notification Design
  • Integrated Credit Card Slot
  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Premium Edge Coating
  • Automatic Sleep/Wake
  • Durable Synthetic Leather Construction

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