Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover - Dark Grey

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Colour: Black
Brand: Apple
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Snap the Smart Cover into place and it wakes up, stands up and brightens up your iPad mini. It magnetically aligns for a perfect fit. It wakes and sleeps your iPad on open and close. It's a handy stand for reading, watching and typing. And it's a way to make your iPad as personal on the outside as it is on the inside.
• This Apple iPad Mini smart cover is sturdy, but light and serves as a versatile stand for reading books, watching movies and typing.
• This slim, yet durable smart cover ensures that the screen of your iPad is protected without covering up its tough aluminium back
• The cover features polyurethane material with delicate, colour match microfiber internal lining that protects the screen from dust and dirt, and keeps your display clean, without causing any abrasion.
• The iPad cover features a magnetic hinge that adjusts the smart cover to the iPad for rigid fit, while the magnets inside help it to stay put and secures the device

Model Number: MGNC2ZM/A
Dimensions : 5.08 x 15.24 x 20.32 cm
Weight: 136.08 Grams

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